5 pictures of feet on water

Artist Statement:

My way of working  

The self-taught photographer Benoit Paillé tests go further in meeting individuals in their privacy. By choosing foreigners in the street going door to door, he chose his models for their beauty, not beauty, but emotional. By directing his models and modeling them at will, the artist attempts to create portraits that are true to nature, to capture a look that would not exist without his intervention.

Regarding the photo itself, it uses digital processes to transform the color and light. In his pictures, the background of all its leading lights to highlight the model itself. The artist work preferably with natural light and then the denatured and the push towards the supernatural. So that the color of his photos is just a coating of the subject, but its attribute. His photographs show an aesthetic without compromising the essential essence of the subject and its emotional value. Embellish the gross in the same process as the pub, beautifying the ugly and make it majestic is important for Benoit. Because in today's world filled with advertising, aesthetics is important to catch the eye of the beholder. Paillé uses the same tools as the pub: strong image, excessive, provocation, picture perfect. Not in a mercantile, but exceeded the pub itself covered with a sincere man, primordial.

All this attention paid to rendering the final image and how to exercise his control to enter the deep intimacy of the subject and its environment. This is to make him reveal the stories and emotions that are at first invisible without the intervention of the artist. From the little unborn then the single narrative sequence. All this for a purpose, that to go further in understanding what the privacy of others and thus overcome the view that the subject is their own privacy.



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