Artless, Inc WOW 10 Book Design

About the Studio

Established in 2000. "artless" is an independently owned design agency,
by Shun Kawakami, based in Tokyo Japan.
The activities are in the framework and language of design,
corporate identity, brand development and design solutions.
"artless" is made up of a creative team in accordance with each project.
Our collective brings a global new perspective to all projects from Japan.
"artless" is global collective, includes "creative and art director, graphic and interactive designer, programmer, photographer, calligrapher, illustrator, architect, interior designer, film-director, composer, musician and artist...".
"artless" think "Design as a Visual Language",
and active between "art and design".
We manifest a diverse practice across the fields of art, design, and others.
Different experiences give us a broader point of view.


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Creative book design . Thanks for this .

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