Elegant Typographic Designs by Projekt Triangle

Studio Info:

First we see the challenger at each task. Not the complication, but the traction, the traction force that drives us. We have grown not from accidental designer. But out of devotion. And devotion come from administration. We believe that we have it within us. And know that we need to demonstrate they constantly manifest and outward. But anastatic thinking also needs the courage to change the perspective. Back to the cytoplasm, the primal matter, go to the cell of all things. To locate one's own creativity. And to focus. For taking time. Energy to be. To work alive. We deny ourselves the ordinary. If only we can make special. Somewhat anti-cyclical. New. Unseen. Maybe we're a critic. Determined perfectionist. More likely, however, we are one: emmetropic. For who is emmetropic, is by definition a "normal vision".

Projekttriangle is the design studio for information design by Prof. Danijela Djokic, Martin Grothmaak and Prof. Jürgen Späth, based in Stuttgart, and satellites in Zurich and Berlin. You will develop in the liberal and applied projects, new cultural expressions and forms of communication, analog and digital media in the field of culture, economy and research.



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The elegant typographic designs by projekt awesome .
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