Mika 78th . Lovely wedding stationery

Artist Bio:

Mimi Woo: founder

Ever since I was a little girl, I loved everything about art and design. I especially loved the way design could connect two complete stranger just as deeply as it could connect two loved ones. I found it amazing how a simple painting created hundreds of years ago could evoke so many different emotions, like an unspoken language we never learned, but all shared. Even at a young age, I always looked to it as a gift.

There was no doubt that I wanted to pursue a career in design. After all, it was my first love. For 8 years, I built my career as a packaging designer in New York City, but as the years passed, I couldn’t help yearning for something more.

It wasn’t until I created the stationery for my own wedding that something inside just clicked. Combining my love for design with one of the most intimate and important events of my life completely changed and energized me. This was what I was yearning fore, the feeling I felt as a little girl – the connection that comes from creating something meaningful and deeply personal. Shortly after my wedding, I left my job to continue the next phase of my life as a designer, and Mika78 was born.



Joyce said...

Wow really lovely these wedding stationery .

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