Omelle communication tools: Nicole Lafave

Artist Biography

Hello. I’m Nicole.

I’m a scorpio. I can be intense. I am passionate and obsessive. Imaginative and persistent, I am determined to make things look good. I get bored easily, so I chose a career path that allows me to apply my skills to a diverse list of mediums. I became a graphic designer because I loved to play with paint when I was a kid. I became a knitwear designer because I was spending too much time on the computer being a graphic designer, and I became a footwear designer because I spent a lot of my graphic design money on shoes. I am only half kidding. I fell in love with the process of product design, and illustration. It turns out giving a shoe its own personality is a lot like developing a brand identity or logo. I Co-Founded, branded and launched Omelle, a women’s luxury footwear company with my friend. I am the Creative Director for the brand, responsible for designing shoes, marketing and the website. I studied fine art and design, and at one point thought I wanted to become a french teacher. Now, I take several trips a year to Italy to work on sample shoe collections. Je ne parle pas italien, go figure. Today, I help make the impossible seems possible with my unique perspective as a freelance designer and a business owner. I work closely with start-ups, individuals or businesses to deliver the necessary design that helps grow their success.


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