REACH: a short film by luke randall

"A tiny robot is given the gift of life with only one limitation, the length of his power cable. When a curious bird appears at the workshop window, his lust to live outside of his reach, may be his demise"
Release date: Jan 2009 Running time: 03:50
Format: HD 1920x1080 16:9

Reach is the Animation Mentor graduate film of animator Luke Randall. It was produced over a period of 8 months in the after work hours using Maya, Photoshop and After Effects.
Nominated Best Animation  -Australian Film Institute (AFI) Awards 09

Grand Prize Winner - Sydney Festival 09 IInet Get Animated
2nd Place/Finalist Cannes Short Film Corner Online Competition
Winner 2nd Place Best Film - Stinkwater International Short Film Festival
Winner Best Student Film - Southbeach International Animation Festival

Winner Best Animation - DeReel Independent Film Festival 09

Winner Best Animation -  Reno Film Festival 09 
Winner Best Film -  Boohoo Film Compeition 09

Winner Best Film -  Newtown Flicks Film Competition 09

Winner Best Animated Film -  New Jersey Inernational Film Festival 09
Winner Golden Eagle Award - Cine Awards 09 
Winner Best Animation -  Action Cut Film Festival 09
Winner Award of Merit in Animation -The Accolade Film Awards 09
Award of Excellence -  Indie Awards 09
Winner Best Animated Film -GIAA Film Festival 0


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It's a interesting video clip . No doubt about this .
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Deep Etching said...

Nice to see the post again. When are you going to release the next video?

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