Steven Smith Teamaker

The Product:
Very elegant packaging for the new, eponymous tea brand from Steven Smith, the genius behind Tazo tea. Sandstrom Partners (who also designed the packaging for Tazo) created this packaging. Love the use of the button and string closure.

The Company:

The lexicon of tea is full of exotic terms. Oolong. Pu-erh. Matcha. Mao Feng. To these, we humbly add Smith. Made with exquisite ingredients provided by friends around the world, our teas are personally crafted by Steven Smith, teamaker, in wonderfully small batches, to give you a drinking experience like nothing you’ve ever known. Brew a cup while you browse the Teaworks, sample our flavors, and meet Steve’s favorite tasting spoon (Fig 1A). By the time you finish, we hope you’ll agree that Smith just may be the most uncommon name in tea.


Mary J. White said...

Wow love you tea-maker . I appreciate your post .
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