Typographic Playing Cards

Artist Info:

I am a curious Chinese little chick who doesn’t stop paying attention to details. Not only do I have a wide range of skills to offer – focusing on branding and communication design with a solid foundation in motion, 3D, interactive design and marketing but also offering a great personality. I am humble but ambitious about design.

I don’t see myself as a designer who only designs “pretty things” but I see myself as a problem solver – every time I am handed a brief I analyze the problem/opportunity and through different process I execute the best solution for it.

During my free time I doodle/sketch, which allows me to spread my creativity even when I am not working on a project, taking Mocha out for a walk allows me to get inspired by outdoors and it’s essential to get regular exercise, reading short stories allows me to visualize through text and making dessert is another kind of design I enjoy exploring. http://www.themichellelam.com/


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