Paperki: Hand Made Papers

Josefo studied industrial design and chemical engineering and worked as a design teacher at the Iberoamerican University in Mexico DF and also in television and cinema production.

Kikis studied graphic and textile design at the Iberoamericana university, where she went on to teach textile design. In recent years both Kikis and Josefo have conducted courses on creative papermaking in Holland and Switzerland, as well as in Spain. They are also regulars on the Spanish art fair where their stand is always a learning a social center.

The Paperki paper workshop is an extension of the Alejandre’s house, where Kikis and Josefo have developed all their art into a total creative living and work experience. The art here extends even to the kitchen where their 29-year-old son Arin, the quintessential Basque cook, lays down gastronomic law along with delicious and artistic dishes.


Design and production of handmade papers for various techniques of painting and graphics in general.

Research and testing of traditional and modern techniques for production of special papers.

Design and production of water marks.


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