Stencil work by Sten&Lex

"Experimenting with the now familiar art of stencils, Italian duo Sten&Lex, meticulously create a unique stencil which is then gracefully destroyed – in the process, creating one-off artworks that are truly individual in their scene….. watch the video after the jump for step-by-step insight. Invited by some chap called Banksy to the latest Cans Festival in London, the Italian duo created a larger work than the man himself for the 56,000 visitors, firmly establishing themselves in the process as one of the globe’s prominent street art outfits. Running until 30th April at Rome’s CO2 Contemporary Art Gallery, if you’re in town this surely is a spectacle worth seeing…." quoted from: source

STEN LEX stencil poster from STEN on Vimeo.


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