Star Wars in town - Cédric Delsaux

"One could thus begin the RSP Gateway is temporarily closed due to inter-galactic war between guards Vader to a group of Jedi entrenched in the gym Jacques Prevert. Or Sell Visa White, 1983, 182 000 km, accompanied by a droid "r2d2" 10 billion km traveled, having saved 3 times the galaxy. It is for me a pleasure to mix these inconsistencies to be kept in a frame near and distant, dream and reality. The initial goal was to photograph the suburbs where I live, with the car repeatedly, these mixed areas and often dull, but that touch me in their ordinariness, even in their ugliness. As the first part of my "window things", which occupied the north of my childhood dream, I'm not tempted to graft on a political or sociological discourse. What mattered was to give depth to make strange and mysterious places such heterogeneous and often stigmatized. Instantly using characters from Star Wars, the suburb became the scenery magnificent and sad-how can not believe sometimes in full black star? - A story she finally occupies the center. Thus transformed, it offers the spectacle of a violent cathartic and without issue. But why single characters from a Hollywood mythology they come to change our perception?"


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