10 Samples of Wine Bottle Design by MashDesign

Artist Statement:

Take a few well-chosen brand creators, designers,
simplifiers and solutionists; with a passion for what
we do (by definition a Branding Agency). Put in
the awkward position of having to define ourselves,
and feeling a little like we are putting an ad in the
singles column, Mash is an agency that creates truly
memorable work without the ridiculous theories and
processes. We cater specially to clients who truly
want to build their brand with creativity and

Mash was founded in 2002 Adelaide, Australia by
Dom Roberts & James Brown. This seems a lifetime
ago now, and since 2002 Mash has done some
growing up, working in many facets of branding,
design, visual identity, web design, photography,
art direction and copywriting.

Mash also thrives on collaborating with like-minded
creative individuals and bodies to construct, present
and represent all that is visual. Mash has developed
a circle of photographers, copy writers, illustrators
and stylists, which means Mash can develop specific
teams to handle a variety of projects. 



Anne said...

Amazing these wine bottle .

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