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Skoltz_kolgen Is A Plurimedia Work Cell Based In Montreal, Comprising Dominique [T] Skoltz And Herman W Kolgen. Rigorous And Raucous Creators,Their Artistic Pursuits Plumb The Integral Linkages Between Sound And Image. Liberated By Digital Media They Simultaneously Assume Numerous Positions, Inhabiting A Space Between Film, Photography, Audio Art, And Installation. Architects Of Worlds, Skoltz_kolgen Penetrates The Ephemeral Skin Between Solid Matter And The Unsubstantiated, The Intimate And The Objective, Their Work Conjures Bewitched Worlds That Gestate Betwixt Accident And Intent.  Http://Www.Skoltzkolgen.Com/

 Skoltz_Kolgen Hyalin installation Sonic Object _ Launch On The Prestigious Label Line/12K Of New York. As In All Skoltz_kolgen Works, Hyalin Probes The Porous Divisions Between Sound And Image. Here The Construction Of The Work Begins With The Simplest Expression Of Sound. Its Essence. Literally, A Graphical Representation: A Spectrum Of Arches And Curves Drawn By Sound Waves.

But This Basic Sound Is Quickly Sublimated, Filtered And Filtered Again. And Filters Are What Make Hyalin A Singular Work Of Art; They Are Macrophotographs (Extreme Close-Ups) Of Glass Surfaces, Constellated By Impurities.

Hybrid Software Brings Sound And Image Together: The Macrophotographs Are Superimposed On The Curved Graphical Drawing Of Sound Waves. Be They Simple Or Complex, The Sound Waves Unfold With The Density Of The Image: Where The Image Is More Translucent, Sound Is Perceptibly Altered; Where The Image Is More Opaque, Sound Struggles To Break Free; Restrained By Its Impenetrability. Sound Waves Become Residue.

The Optical Irregularities, Impurities, Voids And Projections Of The Macrophotographs Also Act Physically As The Areas Of Impure Noise Carve Out The Topography In The Hyalin Soundtrack. Sound And Image Are Soldered Into A New Form: Composite Sound. In Sum, The Entire Architecture Of Hyalin Relies On A Multi-Layered Assemblage Of Sounds. Hyalin Is The Fruit Of Technical And Alchemical Exploration In Which Sound Springs Forth From The Translucent Body Of Image-Filters Each Time It Is Distilled, Each Time It Transcends Its Medium.

Montreal, October 2002 — As Part Of The Volt Aa Series, Skoltz_kolgen Responded To A Request From Event Curator Eric Mattson To Create A Piece For The Theme Mutations. This Event Was The Premier For Elf2b_alpha, A Performance For Two Modulars And 12 Monitors. Genetic Ethics Are The Subject Of Many Contemporary Moral Debates And Are Still Generating More Questions Than They Are Answers. Concerned By The Blind Production Of Synthetic Hybrids That Are Being Ingested Into The Human Body, Skoltz_kolgen Was Drawn To Explore Genetically Modified Organisms (Gmos).

At The Confluence Of Sound And Image That Is The Point Of Entry In All Skoltz_kolgen Investigations, Elf2b_alpha Flows From Images Altered By Sound. In This Work, The “Infection,” Of Image Epitomizes The Issue: If Food Is A Foreign Body In The Human Body, What Are Gmos Within Food? And What Do They Become When They Are Metabolized By Tissues And Bones?

With No Unequivocal Answers In Sight, Elf2b_alpha Takes Up Its Exploration In A Freeflowing Contemplation With No Scientific Pretensions. The Result Of Their Alchemy Contrasts The Internal With The External, The Organic With The Synthetic And Intact Elements With The Heterogeneous.

First, The Work Of Alteration Begins By Assembling A Digital Sound Tract, Composed In Advance, Then Dissected. Then, Through Free Association, Each Frequency Is Matched To A Parameter From The Image (E.G., High-Pitched Sounds May Evoke A Burst Of Light, Gritty Sounds May Evoke Distortion). These Infinite Parameters Are Then Distilled In Keyframes Through Virtual Signals, Each Of Which Litters The Frame With An Influx, A Sort Of Sign Of Contagion.

The Images Themselves Are X-Rays Of Body Parts. These Static Radiographic Images Are Superimposed, Along With The Keyframes And Animated Sequences (Displacement Maps). Upon Contact, The Images Come Sporadically To Life, Sound Becomes One With Them And Is Led By The Images. We Observe The Slow Displacement Of Pixels In Perfect Synchronization With The Sound. From These Mutations And Permutations Spring Unpredictable, Sometimes Indecipherable, Troubling Images. These Entirely Unfamiliar Images Leave Us Perplexed, Much As Ogms Have Done, Sowing Their Seeds Of Doubt Within Us. 

Silent Room:

A Cross-Sected View Of 16  People, 16 Rooms, 16 Private Lives, Silent Room Is An X-Ray Vision Of 16 Interiors. In This Film-Poem, The Room Is Felt From The Inside. An Interior Steeped In Discontinuity, Where Unusual And Poetic Communications Unfold Wordlessly, Through A Contamination Of The Senses. Rather Than A Story Line, There Is A Set Of Tableaux Vivants, Each Crafted Around A Fixed Idea, An Impulse, A Void, A Hunger For An Ideal. Silent Room Is A Cinema Of Light And Shadow, A Chamber Cinema, Wherein The Most Silent And Least Visible Elements Violently Descend To Murmur Its Presence.

In Their Work, The Skoltz_kolgen Artists Use A Fotocinetique Approach Founded On The Temporal Fragmentation Of Action. To Achieve This Effect, Several Simultaneous Captation Techniques Were Used, In Confrontations Of Various Vantage Points. For A More Precise Control Of Time, A Battery Of Cameras Were Sequentially Synchronized To Take Over 10,000 Photographs, Which Were Subsequently Digitized And Animated.

The Skoltz_kolgen Cell Then Developed Digital Frequency-Sensitive Image- Generating Software That Instantaneously Shadows The Audio Track — Somewhat Like A Heartbeat Monitor That Shadows The Frequencies Of A Heartbeat, But In This Case Each Frequency Of Sound Can Generate Its  Image Equivalent. Playing With Interludes Of This Split-Second Synergy Between Sound And Film, The Music And Scoring Express A State Of Affect Within The Rooms And The Internal Reality Of The Characters. This Is The Film’s Narrative Track. There Is No Dialogue To Foster Understanding Or Any Reassurances For The Viewer. Instead, We Remain In A State Of Controlled Hypnosis.  Silent Room Is An Art Object That Defies Classification — A Highly Potent Film Of Its Time.  

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