THE WITNESS / Winkler+Noah

THE WITNESS / Fall of the Berlin Wall Anniversary 1989-2009.
Growing up on the wrong side of the wall might mean becoming blind. Everything that is behind it seems muffled and invisible. The reality is just a surrogate offered by the authorities, and it marks the passing by days till they become years. This is why we have chosen to portray symbolically 20 blind young people in their twenties, photographed in a tight close up of their faces, where the eyes are as if covered up by a white patina that makes impossible the vision of the world.

The Search of Hyper-Reality.
For Winkler+Noah, photography was the most fitting point of arrival for an artistic itinerary that they began instinctively from childhood, exploring all the forms of expression that they encountered — painting, drawing and sculpture — amalgamating them and trying out blends between different media. This creative need for self-expression matured over the years, first becoming curiosity and then a strong will to create and to photograph. After a professional detour as an illustrator and graphic designer, Noah met Winkler and this acted as a detonator, producing a mixture fusing traditional photography with experimentation. What their pictures reveal is a sensation of hyper-reality: the protagonists of their portraits appear in a real context, but they stand out from it as if highlighted by reality itself. They are stark, intense photos because each single picture encloses an idea and conveys powerful emotions to the observer. The artists deal personally with post-production so that the creative process joins up with itself like a circle. They have received recognition all over the world and their works are been exhibited in New York, London and Milan. . .
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